Welcome Book Club Graduates!

Congratulations!  I am so proud of you for all your hard work and am thrilled to offer you this special graduation present, one of my most popular mini-trainings from my Member’s Corner, Acute Case Taking 101. 

I truly hope this helps you get better at narrowing down “that one remedy” that will help in acute situations.  I hope you will also join us in the Members Corner for your free month below.  Hope to see you inside!

May God Bless You and Yours,


Sue Meyer

Acute Case Taking 101 with Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for Mommies

In this mini-training, you learn how to take an acute case!

Before you get started:

1 – Download or access one of the following Repertory Resources online (both are free)

Complete Dynamics Software – https://www.completedynamics.com/

This is the FREE Software that Sue used for her mini-training video. Click on “DOWNLOADS” at the top of the page and then choose the download for your specific device. You get a 30 day trial of the practitioner’s edition and then after that day can still use the repertory in the free version.  Please note that the app version does not have a free version.

Another FREE option:  Kent’s Repertory Online – http://homeoint.org/books/kentrep/

This is a good online version of Kent’s Repertory to search and find rubrics for your acute cases.

2 – Print out the handout to follow along on your own

Watch the video:

Download the Handout:

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