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Ask the Midwife: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Natural Remedies and Homeopathy QA with Elizabeth Meyer

We were so thankful to have Midwife Elizabeth Meyer join us to talk about all things birth this month for the Bonus Live Q&A Mini-training!  


Here are some of the questions that were answered:

  • In the podcast with Sue, you mentioned sublingual B12 supplementation. What dosage would you recommend, and are there are any brands you prefer? Or what to look out for when selecting a brand? How do you handle dosing sublingual B12 in relation to the other B vitamins? Is this something a midwife can test for? Thank you!
  • Discussion about Post Covid – Fish Oils
  • What do you suggest for severe aversion to food during pregnancy? Or even lack of appetite.  Only with my first two did I have an appetite increase, and therefore getting nutrition and putting on appropriate weight has been difficult.  
  • Homeopathy suggestions3 for probable mthfr mama’s?  My babies have birthmarks and tongue ties. Varying degrees. But latest baby is not able to nurse due to disorganized tongue motion and inability to create suction. 
  • Have you seen an uptick in tongue ties/ high palettes? If so what do you attribute this to? Is it truly just genetics? Have tongue ties always been common but we’re simply paying closer attention these days?
  • Do you have experience or recommendations for moms who don’t feel that bonding love? – Sepia 30c
  • do you recommend the cell salt protocol? Do you notice any specific differences in moms or babies who do vs. Don’t use the protocol?  
  • After my last birth contractions literally stopped RIGHT after baby came (before placenta) and never came back. Placenta came quite a while later) at least 30 minutes) and had difficulty detaching. It must have torn, because later a chunk of placenta was expelled.  What would you have tried for lack of contractions for the placenta? – Red Raspberry – Motherwort Herbs – Aconite, Caullophylum and Silicea (mineral imbalance)
  • Do you have any recommendations for women who have miscarried frequently and the midwife recommends using natural progesterone cream (per the work of Dr. John Lee)? How would you implement using the progesterone low sarcode remedy alongside that? This would be for women who have had live births as well as miscarriages, not just perpetually miscarrying. Thank you! – Sabina, Secale (violent), VIBURNUM, veratrum
  • Can you discuss all your best tips for back labor? I know so many mommas who are pregnant right now with histories of terrible back labor. – Before the birth for positioning Dose Pulsatilla when mom is weepy.  200c or can also use 30c hourly or 3 times a day.  Cal Carb.
  • I had a unique experience as an older mom (38) in the delivery room many years ago.  My baby was poised to emerge but just didn’t.  A wonderful nurse suggested that I should go take a shower with her and my husband’s help to get in there 🙂 and let hot water hit my chest area and be prepared for a Hard Contraction (uppercase H & C).  If not my doctor arriving in less than an hour would want to start a pitocin drip which I didn’t want.  I did exactly what she said and literally went to my knees on with the contraction in the shower!!  This was a God Incident!!  The Labor became a much, much better situation for both our baby and myself.  She was born within the hour.  This nurse had worked in delivery for over 20+ years and said she had never once seen this technique fail in cases like mine!!  Wow!  She was moving out of the state the next week. I always Praised God (still do) that she was there to help us that night as it was an intense experience significantly shortened.  What miracles have you seen happen like this wherein a simple, easy solution to a birthing challenge really turned the tide for mom and baby (babies)  Thank You!!
  • Any advice for those struggling to become pregnant? Do you have any knowledge or recommendations about period quality related to fertility and getting pregnant? 
  •  Do you have any remedy recommendations for vulvar varicosities that happen ONLY during pregnancy? 
  • When working with a midwife what thoughts do you have on the RH Negative factor? 
  • What would you recommend for extreme nausea during pregnancy? 
  • My niece is 5 weeks pregnant and she started spotting and cramping, the baby is fine so could she take Sabina to stop the spotting? If so what potency and how often?



Sublingual B12 Supplementation (00:02:05)

Indicators for Higher B12 Dosage (00:08:13)

Fish Oils for Post-COVID and Preeclampsia Prevention (00:09:51)

Miscarriages and the spike protein (00:13:35)

Vaccine injuries and genetic predisposition (00:17:32)

The importance of natural family planning (00:22:36)

The impact of plastics on menstrual cycles (00:24:56)

The importance of hydration and mineral intake during pregnancy (00:26:46)

The sublingual B12 supplementation (00:32:55)

The cell salt protocol for pregnancy (00:33:25)

Scar tissue treatment after c-sections (00:36:23)

Tips for back labor, including positions and homeopathic remedies. (00:48:38)

Connecting with Children and Emotional States (00:54:28)

Dealing with Anger and Grief during Pregnancy (00:55:38)

Managing Spotting and Bleeding during Pregnancy  (01:00:09)

Discussion on supporting veins, preventing varicose veins, and using stretchy support underwear with padding. (01:04:21)

Period quality and fertility (01:05:23)

Alternatives to RhoGam (01:09:50)

Can a nursing mom have a period without ovulation? 01:17:18 


Recommended products and links:

Fertility Testing:

L-Reuteri in Lifeway Kefir

Heavy Meta Detox:

Nordic Naturals Omega:

Pregnancy Cell Salt Kit:

Dr Christopher’s Liver Blend:


Metholated B12 – 2500 Micrograms, Metholated Form – Methocobomiene – Spray or sublingual

(Mary Ruths)

Remedies Mentioned: Scars – CBD, Red Light Therapy, Graphites and Silicea

Vitamin E – 1200 IUs a week, cut back to 800 IUs until last 6 weeks (made from organic sunflower oil)

Butchers Broom Infusion for vulvar varicosities with Hamamelis 30c –

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