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We had a great Live Q&A with Sue in April 20221!

00:01    Miscellaneous Chat


06:29    Is it ever appropriate for a non professional to give a remedy above 200C? For example, a snake bite?

  • Look at snake bite mini-training
  • Aconite 200C, then 911
  • Lach 30C and Ledum alternating every 5 min for 30 min. 
  • Iso therapy if you have the specific snake remedy
  • If you don’t know which snake it is:  crotalis, lach, gels, centron (all 30C intercurrently)
  • Generally, if the 1M is the only potency you have, then you can give it. 


09:58     Remedies for chickens with bird flu?

  • Sue would use Tub-A as a prophylactic
  • Look for remedies from historic bird flu remedies under specialty remedies
  • H2N2 is the oldest one. You can put it in their water. Start with 30C and then work your way up. 


15:27  Is it good for humans to have these flu remedies on hand, too? 

  • Yes. New strains will be built on old strains, so they will be useful. 


16:16     How do you know which historical  flu remedy to use?

  • It doesn’t really matter which one you take. Some people respond better to bird strains, etc. Need to find the one you respond the best to. 


19:01     Member thoughts on hydrogen peroxide in chicken’s water and current “bird flu strain”


20:34     Using Hydrogen peroxide in drinking water

  • Sue uses 8 drops per gallon of the 35% hydrogen peroxide


22:02     Taking activated charcoal

  • Take several times a week. 
  • 2 hours away from food. Helps pull out bacteria while you rest and digest. 
  • Rat study with activated charcoal water – lived 40% longer with charcoal. 


24:14     10 month old with cold and cold

  • Try Pulsatilla – great cold and flu remedy
  • Could be some strep bacteria causing issues – try strep or staph  nosode if needed
  • Capsicum good for cough and ear ache
  • Kali phos or sulph and silica to strengthen mucus membranes.


27:08     Stomach bug with not super strong symptoms

  • Arsenicum iod has been good for a lot of sick people lately


30:14     Child with muscle tone issues

  • Add occasional dose of low potency silica
  • Cal phos
  • Nat mur
  • Otherwise continue with current protocol

32:07     Red light therapy

  • CBD or hypericum oil along the scar, and then follow with running the red light slowly along the scar. 
  • Body’s energy can get hung up on a scar – kind of like a speed bump
  • Pen lights are great for specific treatment or small areas, but mats are good too. 
  • Graphites and silica every day for a week – scars should disappear. 


35:16     Daughter who wants to get ears pierced. Will Ledum cause the holes to close? 

  • Use Ledum and Arnica. Just keep the earrings in and keep moving them. It should cause it to close. 
  • Check with a accupuncturist to see safe spots to pierce ears. 
  • Lavendar oil will help avoid infection


38:22    Member who needs help with a rubric she tried

  • Was there one remedy in all of the rubrics? 
  • Phytolacca – general gland remedy
  • Pick a remedy and then prove the rubrics (make sure it’s listed in the rubrics)
  • Find kingdon and miasm first, using the language to figure those out


50:53     Scratched eyeball

  • Silica, aconite (arnica of the eye), staphysagria
  • MSM drops
  • Keep a patch on it


52:01     5 year old with molluscum. When using Thuja 30C for this, do I need to worry about jab clean up issues coming up? Should child be given Nat Sulph also in case there is a detox?

  • Always good to do the Nat Sulph also. 
  • Ant crud 30C could also be helpful. It’s just good for lots of skin issues
  • Once a day until they are gone. 


1:00:30  child with infected molluscum on stomach


1:06:32   Member question about mulluscum case. Would DE be a good option?


1:10:56     Can activated charcoal dry up milk for a nursing mom?

  • Most likely not. If there is a problem, alfalfa would bring it back. 


1:11:40     Child with bad bloody noses due to capillaries close to the surface. Last one was so bad that it was coming out of his eyeballs. 

  • Phosphorus 30C when he has a nosebleed
  • Silica 6C occasionally
  • Cactus grand florus – great for nosebleeds that don’t last super long, but are heavy while they last. 
  • Rubric – what color is blood? Stringy? Clotty? Get as much info as you can. 


1:18:08     Member comment on molluscum – past success with Thuja 200C. 


1:19:05     Remedy for diaper rash

  • Mix lavender oil in coconut oil and put it on. Make sure it’s not too strong because first it wil burn a little and then it will numb. 
  • Could be a candida issue – if it started with tiny spots around the anus. Try borax 30C for acute candida. 
  • Calendula ointment (not cream, it has alcohol)
  • Could be food allergies
  • Lycopodium 30C or 200C to get digestion working again. 


1:22:54     Small tear in retina


1:31:07     What is the best time to take the zeolite powder and what is a starting dose?

  • Start with ¼ tsp. Then increase as symptoms of detoxing go away. 
  • Sue took hers about 2 hours before eating anything else.


1:32:34     Upcoming things on the podcast and members corner


1:40:59     Menopause information – look under member resources